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Black Out Harrogate resident dj/organiser 1999-2000
Prophecy York & The Wirral resident dj 2007-2009
Black Veil Leeds resident dj/organiser 2001 –
Darklands York resident dj 2009 –
The Haunted Crypt York resident dj 2011-

Resident DJ @ Black Veil Leeds UK  + Darklands York UK + The Haunted Crypt York UK. Over 16 years DJ experience in the UK & Overseas.

I play a unique deathwave™ mix of  Gothic / Dark alternative  featuring old gems and new classics from across the black planet, black world of  Goth Rock + Deathrock + Cold Wave + Mittelealter + Neofolk + Batcave + Punk + Electro + Dark Romantics + Darkwave + Alternative 80’s + Wave + Post Punk + Ethereal + Dark Folk + Ritual + Industrial + EBM + Classical + Gothabilly + Psychobilly + Horror Punk + J-Goth. I also can play special one genre mixes upon request!


DJ De’Ath has played live sets and been interviewed on Radio shows in
Prague/Czech Republic

Interviewed on MTV in Bulgaria
Interviewed on Polish televison

DJ De’Ath has been interviewed and featured in
Unscene magazine
The Guardian newspaper

I started djing on 4th July 1999 with my first guest appearance @ the Bar Phono in Leeds.

I was the first DJ to spin Deathrock & Mittelalter in the UK.

I usually spin a mix of the following genres of Gothic/Dark alternative music(+ special single genre guest DJ sets upon request) :
Gothic Rock / Deathrock / Darkwave / Mittelalter / Neofolk / Electro/ Batcave / Postpunk / Coldwave / Darkfolk / Ritual / New Romantics / Punk / New Wave / Wave / Dark Indie / Dark 80’s / Ethereal / Martial Folk / Ritual / Gothabilly/ Psychobilly/ Horrorpunk/ J-Goth/

I have guest DJed all across the UK as well as being the first UK Goth DJ to appear first/uniquely including consecutive night appearances & hosting my own Black Veil night at several major overseas festivals & club events :

The Chosen Bradford UK 02.12.2000 *G
The Base Hannover Germany 03.03.2001 *F
Dark Nation Day festival Vienna Austria 26.01.2002 *G
Gothcon festival New Orleans USA 30.03.2002 *G
The Castle Party festival Bolkow Poland 28.07.2002 *G
Dark Nation Day festival Vienna Austria 01+02.11.2002 *G
Strains Of Dementia Monastery Vienna Austria 31.01.2003 *F
Finisternis Edinburgh UK 07.02.2003 *G
Kunigunda Lunaria festival Vilnius Lithuania 03+04.05.2003 *G
Beyond The Veil I festival Leeds UK 20.04.2003 *F
Enshrouded York UK 28.05.2003 *G
Nacht Des Schwarzen Schmetterlings Kulturruine Karlsruhre Germany 31.05.2003 *F
Wave Gothic Treffen festival Moritzbastei Leipzig Germany 08.06.2003 *F
The Castle Party festival Bolkow Poland 27.07.2003 *G
Menuo Juodaragis festival Lithuania 22+25.08.2003 *G
Club Odd Athens Greece 31.10.2003 *G
Gnosis Featherstone Castle UK 15.11.2003 *F
Dark City festival Sheffield UK 30.11.2003 *G
Temple Of Goths Gdansk Poland 05.12.2003 *G
Poznan Poland 31.12.2003 *G
Beyond The Veil II festival Leeds UK 09+10.04.2004 *F
Darkway Minsk Belarus 16.04.2004 *G
Kunigunda Lunaria festival Vilnius Lithuania 01 + 02.05.2004 *G
Wave Gothic Treffen festival Moritzbastei Leipzig Germany 29.05.2004 *F
Dark Salavation 2 festival Rock City Nottingham UK 18.07.2004 *G
Menuo Juodaragis festival Lithuania 27+28+30.08.2004 *G
Dead & Buried London UK 01.10.2004 *G
Gnosis Featherstone Castle UK 20.11.2004 *F
Body Electric York UK 05:03:2005 *G
The Alternative The Met Whitby UK 23.04.2005 *F
Beyond The Veil III festival Leeds UK 25 +26.03.2005 *F
Wave Gothic Treffen festival Moritzbastei Leipzig Germany 05.05.2005 *F
The Black Veil WAKE Wakefield UK 17.06.2005 *F
Infest festival Bradford UK 26.08.2005 *G
Gothpl 2 Festival Warsaw Poland 03.10.2005 *G
Return Of The Living Dead MMV Sofia Bulgaria 31.10.2005 *G
Beyond The Veil IV festival Leeds UK 15+16.04.2006 *F
Infest Festival Bradford UK 26.08.2006 *G
The Alternative The Resolution Whitby UK 28.10.2006 *F
Beyond The Veil V festival Leeds UK 07+08.04.2007 *F
Totus Floreo Cert 18 York UK 10.07.2007 *G
Infest festival Bradford UK 24.08.2007 *G
The Alternative The Resolution Whitby UK 27.10.2007 *G
Dark Chamber Festival Madrid Spain 07.03.2008 *G
Gothomania Warsaw Poland 29.03.2008 *G
The Alternative The Resolution Whitby UK 25.04.2008 *G
Syn Corporation Sheffield UK 02.08.2008 *G
Infest festival Bradford UK 28.08.2008 *G
Beyond The Veil VI festival Leeds UK 11+12.04.2009 *F
The Alternative The Resolution Whitby UK 26.04.2009 *G
Shadowdaze festival Manchester UK 25.06.2010 *G
The Alternative The Resolution Whitby UK 26+26.03.2011 *F
The Alternative The Resolution Whitby UK 01+02.04.2011 *F
The Castle Party Bolkow Poland 22.07.2011 *G
6th Prague Gothic Treffen kluby XT3 Praha CZ 06.08.2011 *G
Dark Reverberations Festival stereo York 22.11.11 *F
The Alternative The Resolution Whitby UK 28+29+30.10.2011 *F
The Alternative The Resolution Whitby UK 04+05+06+11.2011 *F
Nambucca London Fri 21st Oct 2011 *G
Sanctuary Silvestr Black Veil Special Necropolis Prague CZ 31.12.11 *F

Joy Disaster & Cabaret Grey Aftershow party Necropolis Prague  18.03.2012 *F
Black Rose Ball De Grey Rooms York 07.09.2013 *G

*G = Guest set
*F = Full club night

Organiser of the following live music events in Leeds –

Beyond The Veil festival
Under The Veil festival
The Night Of The Black Veil
+ Gigs for the following artists

Antiworld UK debut
Angelspit UK debut
Ardor UK debut
ASP UK debut
Bella Morte European debut
Burning Gates
Butterfly Messiah European debut
Cream VIII UK debut
Deathcamp Project UK debut
Deviant UK UK debut
Ego Likeness
Escape with Romeo UK debut
Euthanasie/Gothika European debut
Global Citizen
Heavy Current UK debut
Heilige Lance
Ikon UK debut
In Mitra Medusa Inri UK debut
John Merricks Remains
Lahka Muza UK debut
Leisure Hive
Murder At The Registry UK debut
Opened Paradise UK debut
Psydoll European debut
Rosa Crvx UK debut
Screaming Banshee Aircrew
616 Abortions
Sol Invictus
The House Of Usher UK debut
In Mitra Medusa Inri UK debut
The Birthday Massacre UK debut
The Cruxshadows UK debut
The Dream Disciples
The Eternal Fall UK debut
The Last Dance
The Last Days Of Jesus UK debut
The Mists Of Avalon UK debut
The Realm
The Seventh Dawn European debut
Uninvited Guest UK debut
Violet Stigmata UK debut
Voices Of Massada
Zeitgeist Zero


I am keen to promote new music by regularly hosting CD release parties many of which have been UK exclusive. If you are interested in having me host one for your band or label don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact option in the menu. A few of the artists and labels I have worked with are

Clan Of Xymox
Violet Stigmata
Trisol Records
In The Nursery
Black Ice
The House Of Usher
Hungry Eye Records
Strobelight Records
Distorted Reality
Project Pitchfork
Whispers In The Shadow
Deathcamp Project
Christ VS Warhol
Middle Pillar Records
The Fossil Dungeon
Butterfly Messiah
The Last Days Of Jesus
Massiv In Mensch
Pearls Of Dew
Alvarez Perez
The Golden Apes
Desireless & Operation Of The Sun
Phase III
Jacquy Bitch
John Merricks Remains
Strip Music
The Eternal Fall
Scarlet Slipping
Diva Destruction
Midnight Syndicate
Shinto Records
Spectra Paris
Artoffact Records
Faith & The Muse
Umbra Et Imago
Santa Hates You
The Mission
Verney 1826
In Mitra Medusa Inri
The Brotherhood Of Pagans
The Beauty Of Gemina
Heavy Current
Seventh Dawn
After Dusk
Mephisto Walz